Chocolate Kahlua Mousse

We’ve been hosting for dessert lately and I keep gravitating to one of our favorites. Hope you enjoy it too.

Chocolate Kahlua Mousse
Serves 8

       6       ounces semi-sweet chocolate bits
       2       tablespoons Kahlua
       1       tablespoon espresso
       1       tablespoon orange juice
       2       egg yolks
       2       eggs
       1       teaspoon vanilla
       ¼       cup sugar
       1       cup heavy cream
               heavy cream for topping (whipped)

In a small soufflé dish, or individual pots, melt chocolate in Kahlua, espresso and orange juice over very low heat.  Set aside.  Put egg yolks and eggs in blender with vanilla and sugar.  Blend well.  Add heavy cream and blend for 30 seconds. Add chocolate mixture and blend until smooth.  Pour into individual ramekins.  When ready to serve, decorate with whipped cream.